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Karate KUB’s (Ages 3 – 5)

This program is designed for our youngest martial artists ages 3-5.  Our proven systematic teaching program for this age group will make your classes run smoothly and the parent’s will be thrilled with all of the extra information their pre-schooler is learning about health and safety.  This program helps prepare these youngsters for your regular Jr. program and lets them transition with excitement instead of that little bit of fear of beingwith the big kids.  When they finish this program they will be ready to face those big kid challenges with confidence.

Respect, dedication, determination, and confidence are all qualities that can help your child excel in the classroom and at home. With North Metro Martial Arts, our Kids Karate program helps students build
these important characteristics and so much more.  Our Kids Karate program (KUBs) provides a comprehensive martial arts instruction customized to build on the way kids learn and develop. This program encourages achievement, growth, and success by offering awards for outstanding performance in karate class, school, home, or in a martial arts tournament.

By participating in Kids Karate, your child will gain valuable knowledge and skills that allow them to excel socially and academically. The martial arts skills learned are also a great way to boost confidence and enhance their physical strength and fitness. North Metro Martial Arts helps to encourage personal victory and goal-setting with an organized belt ranking system that inspires students to always strive for that next level of achievement.