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About Us – Scott Tasker
Mr. Scott Tasker has over 28 years of experience in martial arts instruction. Mr. Tasker is a third degree black belt instructor, who earned his 2nd degree black belt in Seoul, Korea. Scott Tasker and his wife Jennifer began North Metro Martial Arts in 2013 to make a real difference in the lives of youth in the community. Mr. Tasker has the unique gift to relate to his students and provides support, through the traditions of martial arts, for them to become the best form of who they are meant to be; whether in sports, school, or as a member of their community. Students not only gain a sense of self-control, discipline and respect; they also develop pro-social and life skills through the variety of programs that are offered.


About the Foundation & Programs
To increase the opportunities to reach youth with special needs and those who are from underprivileged communities, the Tasker family began the North Metro Martial Arts Foundation, a 501(c)(3). The following programs are being expanded and enhanced through the nonprofit.

Mentoring Program
In partnership with the local school system, NMMA offers bi-weekly mentoring to students who are the bullies and those who are being bullied. The mentoring program includes martial arts instruction mixed with group conversations and a safety, bully and confidence building interactive program (SafetyNet Kids).

During school breaks throughout the year, NMMA offers specialized camps for at-risk youth and separate camps for those youth who have special needs. These camps include activities to build physical fitness, martial arts instruction, outings, group conversations, and a safety, bully and confidence building interactive program (SafetyNet Kids). Students have the opportunity to earn merit based awards.

After-School Program
NMMA provides transportation from local schools to a 4-day after-school program that includes snack, martial arts instruction, supervised play, and homework support. School-Based Training: Through a partnership with local schools, instructors from North Metro Martial Arts are available to go into the classroom and provide 15 to 30 minute lessons on self-defense, bullying, discipline, respect, leadership, and life skills.

Community Outreach
Students are provided opportunities to build their leadership skills through community outreach activities. Activities include an annual board breaking event to raise money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta; participation on the North Metro Martial Arts’ team in awareness walks; providing meals to the local first responders; clothing and toy drives for domestic violence shelters; etc.

Getting Involved
The North Metro Martial Arts Foundation prides itself on being part of the school and business communities. If you would like to support the students and to help increase the access to our programs for other youth in our community, consider giving back in the following ways.

1. We would like to schedule business and civic leaders to come in and speak to youth in our programs about their careers and other important topics that will impact their lives (i.e., use of social media, public speaking, volunteerism, etc.). If you are interested in scheduling a 15 to 30 minute presentation, please e-mail us at foundation@northmetromartialarts.com or call (404) 500-9701.

2. In addition to having our community members come into the studio, we are also seeking opportunities for our students to go out into the community and practice their public speaking skills and to demonstrate their martial arts techniques within a safe and trusted environment. If you are interested in scheduling a 15 to 30 minute presentation from our students, onsite, please e-mail us at foundation@northmetromartialarts.com or call (404) 500-9701.

3. The North Metro Martial Arts Foundation cannot increase access to its programs without the generosity of our community partners.

• It is $275 to sponsor a youth in one of our one-week camps. You can donate at any time and we will apply your donation to a student who is in need of a camp scholarship.
• It is $260/month to sponsor a youth in our mentoring program plus an additional cost of $200 for their uniform and equipment.
• It is $2500 per school year to sponsor a youth in either our after-school or evening programs.
We truly appreciate your financial support. Your donation is tax deductible and will be used for the program in which you designate.