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Third Annual Fundraiser

“Breaking the Barriers to Childhood Wellness Board by Board”
This year our goal is to raise $15,000!

We cherish each and every one of our students and one our goals is to instill the values of martial arts in your child that will help them to become future leaders of their community. That is why we created an annual fundraiser, Breaking Boards. On November 4th, our students and instructors will be breaking over 1,500 boards for Lekotek at our studio.

Each fall, we partner with our families and our local community to raise money for a nonprofit who serves children. This year we are Breaking Boards to raise money for Lekotek of Georgia!  Click the Lekotek name to learn more about the services they provide for children with disabilities! All donations are tax deductible

  • Please use this Donation form to give as little or as much as you can afford in order to support this great fundraiser!
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  • We are also looking for individuals and businesses who would like to provide additional support towards scholarships for our students who are unable to pay for their monthly tuition, testing fees and gear.

    We respectfully invite you to make an additional gift if you are able.

    Costs of Student scholarship
    $2,000 for a 1 year scholarship
    $1,000 for a 6 month scholarship

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  • Your Business or Organization can be a part of this great fundraiser! We offer quite a few options below to get your name recognized throughout the Metro Atlanta area and the Lekotek Organization as both a Sponsor and Contributor to the health and growth of our community!
  • Sponsorship Levels & Benefits

  • * Master Level Sponsor: $1800
    ∗ Black Belt Sponsor: $1,000
    ∗ Red Belt Sponsor:  $500
    ∗ Blue Belt Sponsor:  $250
    ∗ Green Belt Sponsor: $100
    ∗ Dragon Sponsor: $55 for a Box of Boards or In-Kind Donation of gifts for Raffle!
    (Please call or email for "In-Kind" Donations)

    If you would like your sponsorship to be recognized on the event day banner and on the t-shirt, your donation must be received on or before October 13th. Please make checks payable to North Metro Martial Arts Foundation, Inc.

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North Metro Martial Arts Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), a tax deductible organization.  If you need a letter recognizing your donation, please provide your address.