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Principles & Ethics

AMAI Founding Board Guiding Principles:

Honor God through faith, family and friendships
Respect and strengthen our families and our extended AMAI families
Make governing decisions based on what is best for the AMAI students and instructors from the beginning white belt.
Keep the integrity of the martial arts we teach – “Tradition with Vision”
Begin all major AMAI national and regional events with prayer to honor God and Christ

Code of Ethics:

1) I shall follow the AMAI tenets in my daily life: Courtesy, Perseverance, Self-Control, Respect and Victory.
2) I shall nurture the physical, emotional and social potential of my students.
3) I shall obey the laws of my country and community.
4) I shall not misuse my position of authority over others.
5) I shall work with other AMAI schools and instructors to promote positive training for myself and my students.
6) I shall speak of my colleagues and students only in a positive light.
7) I shall commit to my own personal progress in martial arts and in business as it pertains to running a successful AMAI school.
8) I shall assume all responsibility for all instruction that occurs in my school.
9) I shall not use disparaging comparisons of other schools or styles.
10) I shall present myself professionally at all AMAI related events.

As a member of the AMAI, I will adhere to the aforementioned code of ethics and will strive to uphold these guidelines daily.

(This content referenced above was borrowed from theamai.com website. The source can be found here)